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Infant Head Support Pillow

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MSRP: £20.00
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Velvet Infant Head Support Pillow - Helps Prevent Flat Head Syndrome in Babies

Do you ever wonder why so many infants have flat spots at the back of their heads?

The bones that make up your baby’s skull are very soft and pliable for the first few months of their life. As a result, plenty of newborns end up developing positional plagiocephaly or “flat head” syndrome because they spend so much time sleeping on their backs. Our specially-designed infant head support pillow has a hollow space in the middle to promote the balanced growth of your baby’s head shape, while keeping them blissfully comfortable.


Promote proper development of your little one’s head with this Velvet Infant Head Support Pillow.

  • Made out of memory foam with an exceptionally soft, velvety case
  • Allows turning left and right to ensure your baby doesn’t feel restricted or trapped
  • Adorable design that fits nicely in any nursery
  • Non-toxic and baby safe materials
  • Promotes better sleep quality


Here are a few other details you should know about our product:

  • Perfectly sized for most babies at 21x19x3 cm
  • Fabric: 92% cotton, 8% polyester fibre, filled with whole-chip sponge
  • Ideal for babies 0-18 months of age
  • Shape: Heart or Bear

Your baby deserves only the best. Try this Velvet Infant Head Support Pillow now!


Due to High Demand For Our Product: Shipping Takes Approximately 5-15 Business Days. 

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